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Published: 09th March 2011
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IPTV is currently CDN edge of the Internet access is to improve the IP bearer network QoS effective way, many operators Broadband Internet are deployed CDN / MDN, for the IPTV network, has laid a good foundation for building. CDN networks can enable the Internet resources have been the maximum utilization. Will greatly promote the domestic IPTV business.

1, CDN technology generation Present, more and more users access the Internet; Web site continues to increase; for increasing access to rich resources, especially text, images, music, Advertisement , Streaming media, animation, etc. in large numbers; online business volume increased exponentially, creating a large demand for network bandwidth, and network access delays and waiting is always prevalent, these conditions led to network congestion, server overload, on-line application wait too long and many other issues, so that the entire Internet content delivery performance.

How to relieve congestion, improve the speed of the user access to information. Become plagued many enterprises and service providers a difficult problem. To rely on increasing the bandwidth to solve this problem is a side, in addition, transmission by way of routing congestion and delay, the website server capacity and other factors, these and visitors and the distance between the web server is closely related. Therefore, even if every ISP will increase network bandwidth, and if the visitors and the distance between sites, among them Communicate Like to go through layers of routing and forwarding address, the network delay is inevitable. The users on the network system performance requirements are high (such as the response time of the visit, the website content and services provided by the reliability requirements), the CDN (ContentDeliveryNetwork) technology emerged.

1996 years, a team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology presented the concept of CDN and CDN technology to begin to study, they set up in 1999 CDN a professional services company, provides professional services to Yahoo. Now at home and abroad have a lot of enterprises and service providers to start using Content Delivery Network CDN technology to improve network service quality to meet the needs of users.

2, CDN definition CDN full name in English is ContentDelieveryNetwork, the content delivery network. CDN is built upon the existing IP network infrastructure, a value-added network. Deployed in the application layer network architecture layer.

CDN technology products provide manufacturers have their own solution, CDN operators to achieve different ways, but the functions of CDN technology is the same. That is the more load balancing, routing or caching combined with intelligent distribution technology, will visit the user's location based content, according to the principle of distribution of the nearest access to multiple nodes.

In the traditional IP network, the user request directly point to the original server-based network address, and CDN services business provides a level, to complement and extend the Internet network, the contents of frequently accessed users as possible to promote and provide a content-based traffic forwarding address new capabilities, the route guide to the best server. Dynamic access to need. It has changed the way information is distributed to the users, from passive to active content to restore the contents of forwarding.

CDN is the core of the edge access and transparent access, it was mainly used for Web access acceleration, only supports HTTP / FTP protocol. In 2003 and 2004, the emergence of internal streaming media business, CDN began to support MMS / RTSP and other protocols, CDN has been greatly developed, sometimes also called MDN (MediaDelieveryNetwork).

3, CDN technology, features and advantages

3.1CDN technology has the characteristics of

(1) according to the user's geographical location and connection bandwidth, allowing users to connect up to the nearest server, access speed.

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