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Published: 25th February 2011
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Recently, Gome, Suning Appliance Chain two giant also issued a White Paper on air conditioning industry in 2007, this year's air conditioner market has done a thorough analysis, and the trend is predicted. Two White Papers in predicting this year's consumer features air conditioning products, the view that, with the economic development and rising standard of living, environmental awareness of consumers in energy conservation, while greatly enhanced, more attention to improve their quality of life, pay attention to air-conditioning use The long-lasting comfort, "energy conservation" and "comfort" will be the market mainstream.

Recently, of "conversion expert" Hisense known for its strong technological advantages, issued the "Ding" series DC inverter air conditioner hanging new KFR-26GW/36ZBp, KFR-35GW/36ZBp and cabinet air conditioners New KFR-50LW / 36ZBp. This series of new products with industry-leading vector control technology and DC inverter dc inverter dual rotor compressor, electronic expansion valve throttling technology, according to frequency of the compressor and the indoor and outdoor temperature difference between the size of automatic adjustment of opening size to regulate the refrigerant flow to improve heat transfer efficiency, reduce energy consumption, balanced temperature control, and industry-leading air purification function to create a pure space, to provide consumers with a comfortable and healthy environment.

As a new generation of inverter 2007 high end products, Hisense, "Ding" series of large air-conditioned with 6 unique technical performance. First, accurate temperature, the digital technology of electronic expansion valve, carry a sense of human-computer dialogue, ± 0.5, accurate temperature visible, the temperature display accurate to 0.5 degrees. Second, reasonable humidity, frequency healthy dehumidification to maintain appropriate humidity, dry and more comfortable. Third, the unique function of hydroxyl ions, green and healthy antibacterial fan (hanging), a leading air purification technology. Fourth, the system temperature, the lack of high frequency dual-rotor compressor, large air volume loop, the system wide temperature range, fast cooling / heating, 3 to 5 minutes to reach room temperature setting. Fifth, control of static degrees, a key control of the free switch, inside and outside the two-quiet, low noise up to 25dB, to ensure quiet enjoy a comfortable space. 6 is a fashion grace. The series of new looks for the fashion colorful glass panel, and with dignity wishful pattern, bottom, side hidden three-inlet, stylish design touch operation, there are many colors to choose from, atmospheric classic red and warm beige and so on, to meet the diverse needs of home. At present, the first batch of 5,000 sets of products have been listed, mass production is being carried out orders, is expected to "51" before fully opening the market for sale in the country.

Industry have pointed out, along with the quickening pace of construction of a conservation-oriented society, people on the quality of life become increasingly demanding, high-tech high-frequency air conditioning products are more and more consumers.

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