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Published: 07th March 2011
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Reverse Engineering
Videoguard is unusual in that legitimate external Conditional Access Modules are not available, the encryption system instead being built in to the hardware and firmware of platform-supplied set top boxes. However, several groups have managed to reverse-engineer VideoGuard to the point where a legitimate subscriber's card can be utilised in third-party receivers to decrypt those channels which that subscriber is authorised to view. A software CAM emulator exists for the DreamBox & Triple-Dragon Linux-powered satellite receivers, along with the Diablo, Dragon, Giga-Blue and T-Rex Conditional Access modules. Some of the reverse-engineered solutions are unable to update the card, meaning the legitimate card needs to be returned to official Sky receiver for a few hours (or overnight) to be refreshed, or programmes will no longer decrypt. An example of a reverse-engineered solution that does support card updates is NDSCam.
Sky Digital 2009 card replacements
As of late March 2009, BSkyB have begun issuing replacement NDS smartcards. These new cards are believed to close off the current software CAM loophole. The new cards will only be usable within an authorised BSkyB NDS receiver and will no longer work in the current Dreambox or other Linux based software CAMs.
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